Quotes from Forrest Gump

There are some truly funny forrest gump quotes¬†over at great movie quotes. There are so many different ones in the movie, so they’re difficult to remember. Often times, one can only remember the most prominent sayings from a movie, for example in this case “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. That’s why it can be nice to be able to review all the citations and find the greatest ones. Tom Hanks does such a good job portraying the main character. But there are several other actors that play their part too. Imagine being a part of the story, and able to go through the big events that shaped a nation. Tom Hanks does very well in several other movies too, like Cast Away, The Terminal, The Green Mile, and many others. Sometimes, getting the right actors for a movie can either make or break it. That’s why there are always so many good ones in the big blockbuster features. There are also many new films being released to cinemas soon, so it will be an exciting year coming up with the new and final Hobbit movie soon to be released. It’s awesome that they were able to keep actors from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and have them be part of the new series. This makes it feel more authentic and is easier to relate to for the audience. It must be difficult to come up with such a complicated story, but luckily there were the books by J.R.R Tolkien that already existed, and they just had to adapt it for the screen. That is another film that contain a lot of good dialogue that could be made into quotes and citations. It can be fun to have memorable sayings from features that impact us.